Artist’s Statement:

Painting is a visual/poetic language: a necessary alternative form of communication.
Throughout human history mark-making with pigment has had the power to speak to certain fundamental truths in the absence of words.

In the 21st Century we live with these raw/ harsh realities of everyday life: technological acceleration, endless wars, loss of humanity, extinction, massive greed and the unparalleled destruction of nature. In spite of these horrors, the enduring beauty of life persists.

I paint to learn, to reflect, to participate, to connect - to record my distinct experience in this particular cultural/ historic moment.

I paint to find an entrance into the depth, the mystery, the questions - to make the unseen visible.

A love of materials and the spirit of time & place guide the work from the first instinctive action through subsequent transformations.

The painting becomes a map. I follow attentively as it reveals itself to me.

As a rule, I seek simplicity.  A state of resolution arrived at through the act of painting itself.

 - zoe cohen